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Jesus for all

The Facebook page Jesus for All has grown to reach over 45 countries and has over 1 million followers. On the site, Bible quotes, life stories are published and there are also live prayers through TV Love Revival.

To the page belongs the web pages och The address to the Facebook Page is
Over 45 Countries

Jesus London

London’s metropolitan area has a population of over 13 million. Many language groups and nationalities are represented here.

The website and the Facebook page regularly reach thousands of people. Links are made to churches in London so that contact can be made in a good way.

Jesus Paris

Paris is one of Europe’s largest cities with over 10 million in the metropolitan area. But the website also reaches French speaking people in Africa.

The Facebook page has got off to a good start and over 60,000 people are following it. The address of the page is

Language: French
Focus: Paris has been around for many years and has steadily attracted a large number of visitors. The website has hundreds of lifestories. To the site also belongs och

On average, more than one person per day orders a New Testament from in order to know more about the Christian faith.

Jesus Barcelona

Like many other major European cities, Barcelona has its own top level domain. We have started working with the Facebook page, which already has over 28,000 followers. The Facebook page reaches Spanish speakers in Spain and also in other parts of the world.

Link to The Facebook Page is

Language: Spanish
Focus: Barcelona

Jesus Vegas aims to publish testimonies of people who have experienced deliverance through Jesus. The domain has implied the meaning that liberation exists even if it is captured by what is symbolized by Las Vegas (Sin City).

The Facebook Page has a rapid development and receives good response.

Language: English
USA, World

Jesus Wien

We have just started working with Jesus Vienna. There is a Facebook page that is starting to attract interest.

Link to The Facebook Page is

Language: German
Focus: Wien

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